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  • 關于育鵬
    About Yupeng
    Business scope: Facing limestone mining; Sales of limestone, Marble semi-finished products and marble finished products.



    公司簡介 PROFILE




           Liuzhou Yupeng Mining Group Co. Ltd. Is located in central Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Liuzhou City, Luijiang District. Established on 15 August 2014, the company is primarily engaged in marble mining and processing. The business has a registered capital of 50 million yuan.

           With ongoing assistance and support of the Liujiang District governmental party as well as relevant departments, our company complies with national laws and mine management regulations. We have earned and obtained certificates awarded by land, environmental protection, safety supervision, water conservancy and the department of forestry which has permitted us to create a medium- sized facing mine with complete procedures, while  adhering to safety compliance measures. In 2019, our mine won the patents and trademarks of Elegant Grey and Silver Grey Dragon.

          Sustainable development is the framework of Yupeng. Our goal is to reduce harmful affects on the natural environment and operate a green mine. Earlier this year, the mine was recognized as a green mine in Liuzhou City.

           In order for the company to make optimum use of its resources, while both increasing production and efficiency, we plan to aim high and consistently produce product of the highest quality, whilst maintaining a high standard. At present, the company has a mining area of 0.114 square kilometers, including the reserves of 16.5 million tons with annual mining capacity of 560,000 tons.

          Yupeng company invests heavily in implementing advanced large- scale equipment. To date, the company owns 7 double blade quarry stone cutting machines, 20 quarry diamond wire saw machines, 8 large excavators and 7 giant quarry forklift loaders. Operating assets total 30 million yuan. There are numerous economic benefits for the enterprise. All development indicators are above industry level.




    地理位置概況 LOCATION

        礦區位于柳江區里高鎮板六村中團屯東南,行政區劃屬里高鎮所轄。礦區中心地理坐標:東經109°02′46″,北緯24°06′49″。礦區面積0.1147km2。礦山與柳江區縣城直線距離25 km,322國道從礦山北西部通過。國道與礦山有村級水泥路相通,距離3.5km,交通較為便利(見圖2-1)6礦區屬巖溶峰叢谷地地貌,海拔標高在+431.0~+225.0m 之間,相對高差206m,自然陡坡較陡,一般為60°~80°,局部為直立的陡崖。礦區位于北回歸線以北,屬亞熱帶季風氣候區,氣候溫和,雨量充沛,年平均氣溫20.4℃,年均降雨量1482.8mm,4~8 月為雨季,占全年降水量的70%,冬季無冰凍,年無霜期300 天以上。礦區東面有一條季節性溪流,常年干枯,礦山生產機械、生活用水從中團屯引入,礦區附近已架設有高壓電力線,可供生產之需。礦區附近無村屯分布,當地居民以漢族為主,經濟狀況較好。產業以農業為主,附近耕地多為水田及旱地,主要種植水稻、玉米、黃豆、花生等農作物。     


         The mining area is located Southeast of Zhongtuantun, Banliu village, Ligao Town, Liujiang District. The administrative division falls under the jurisdiction of Ligao Town.

    Geographical coordinates of the center of the mining are: 109 degrees 02’46” East longitude and 24 degrees 06’59” North latitude. The mining area is 0.1147 kilometers squared. The straight- line distance between the mine and the county seat of Liujiang District is 25 kilometers and national highway #322 passes through both the Northern and Western regions of the mine. The national highway is connected with the mine by village level cement road, with a distance of 3,5 kilometers.And convenient transportation (see Fig. 2-1). 6 the mining area belongs to karst peak cluster Valley landform, with an altitude of + 431.0 ~ + 225.0m, a relative elevation difference of 206M, a steep natural slope, generally 60 ° ~ 80 °, and vertical cliffs in some parts. The mining area is located in the north of the Tropic of cancer and belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate area with mild climate and abundant rainfall. The annual average temperature is 20.4 ℃ and the annual average rainfall is 1482.8mm. The rainy season is from April to August, accounting for 70% of the annual precipitation. There is no freezing in winter and the annual frost free period is more than 300 days. There is a seasonal stream in the east of the mining area, which is dry all year round. The production machinery and domestic water of the mine are introduced from zhongtuantun. High voltage power lines have been erected near the mining area for production. There are no villages near the mining area. The local residents are mainly Han people, and the economic situation is good. The industry is mainly agriculture, and the nearby cultivated land is mostly paddy field and dry land, mainly planting rice, corn, soybeans, peanuts and other crops.





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